About us

NYCHoops.net, an official Rivals.com site, is the undisputedly and most respected source for College recruitment in New York State.  Most D-I, D-II and D-III coaches rely on NYCHoops.net as a primary outlet to evaluate and scout potential prospects in the State. 

“I can’t tell you how many good players squander the opportunity to get a college scholarship,” said Maurice Wingate publisher of NYCHoops.net. “Many of the kids I see are good enough to get a free-ride to college but don’t know how to put their best foot forward and take advantage of the high school season and AAU Season especially during live periods when College coaches are checking them out.”

If you want to find out how to become more recruitable and stop spinning your wheels, NYCHoops.net Recruiting Boot Camps are the place to be.